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We are RXLive

In an increasingly fast-paced environment, we sometimes struggle to make time for seeing the GP or getting our monthly repeat prescriptions. Recognising this problem gave birth to our solution, RXLive. At RXLive, we believe that healthcare should evolve through innovative technology. We have thus developed a digital pharmaceutical app, online and telephone service. We are constantly harnessing knowledge in this new emerging area of online healthcare to efficiently cater to all your needs.

Our Team

Shahil Devendra Patel BSc (Hons), MRPharmS

Founder/Chief Executive Officer & Superintendent Pharmacist Director
Shahil D Patel is a qualified pharmacist graduating from the University of Hertfordshire and the Founder/Chief Executive Officer & Superintendent Pharmacist Director of RXLive Limited. Together with his Master of Pharmacy degree he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science. He is the registered Superintendent Pharmacist of RXLive. Shahil’s passion for pharmacy and commitment to deliver a quality, caring service for his members dates back to his childhood when he supported his grandparents to take the right medication at the right time after they had become confused. Thus RXLive was born. For the last four years, Shahil was a pharmacist store manager for a well known pharmaceutical chain. Within this chain he worked diligently to turn around poor performing pharmacies into pharmacies delivering a high quality service. One of his many achievements was that within one year, he transformed a pharmacy into the first ever store of excellence in the region. With his eye for innovation and data eccentric approach, his dream is to combine his robust practice of dispensing with upcoming data & technological advances to make RXLive a pharmacy tech healthcare industry leader .

Aju Alexander, BEng (Electronics), PGDBA, ITSM

Chief Technology Officer
Aju Alexander is an Electronics Engineer with a post-graduation in Business Administration. He is an ITSM certified consultant and is passionate about harnessing technologies to benefit business processes. With over 25 years of experience in Enterprise IT and Operations, Aju has a track record in delivering IT solutions across a range of corporations and industries. Prior to RXLive, he has held Directorships in Software and Ecommerce companies within the EMEA region. He continues to play an active role on the board of UK’s leading digital transformation companies, TechFINIUM. Aju builds strong relationships with stakeholders in the business, customers, partners and suppliers and has a good understanding of global delivery methodologies. Aju believes that with the opening up of NHS automated e-prescriptions and the consumer adoption of eCommerce based platforms, RXLive is a market disruptor and a compelling proposition to improve patient care.

Oana Maria Patru

Chief Operations & Dispensing Officer
Oana Patru has years of experience managing and working within leading pharmacy chains and has been working with RXLive from the start of the early growth to implement quick and safe dispensing processes. As the Operations Manager for RXLive, Oana is passionate about combining RXLive’s innovative service and combing that with our robust dispensing procedures to deliver the best care for our patients. Oana believes that RXLive will alleviate stress on the NHS and help people to manage their medication better.

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