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Questions about RXLive?

Here’s a set of our Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve tried to cover all things relevant, but if you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered, please do get in touch.


Questions about RXLive?

Here’s a set of our Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve tried to cover all things relevant, but if you’ve got a question that we haven’t answered, please do get in touch.


Yes, we can offer a dossette Box service free of charge to our patients who require this. To set up this service, we do need to take information with regards to the medication requirements so we do need to speak to you, please contact us on 0800 280 0808

No , we don’t charge the NHS any extra. All the delivery costs are paid for by RXLive, we absorb the cost from our company and not the NHS. If you received your prescription normally from your local pharmacy they would charge the same to the NHS as we do, the only difference is we're providing you with a free delivery. Therefore you & the NHS are not been charged a single penny extra!

RXLive uses a 2048-bit encryption. 2048 bit is the highest encryption and provides better protection, thereby making the system more difficult to infiltrate and more secure. This encryption is used for validating identity (signing) and ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the information sent. It is composed of two pieces, a public key and a private key. The keys are actually related to each other by two very large pseudo-prime numbers (prime in relation to each other), therefore it is difficult to differentiate the private key from the public key. You have our assurance that all the data on the RXLive site through the app and website is fully encrypted data, therefore our 2048 bit SSL Certificates provide the highest levels of encryption and authentication.

Our App/Online pharmacy registration number is 9010611.Our Certificate can be found here: https://www.pharmacyregulation.org/registers/pharmacy/registrationnumber/9010611

We are a fully licensed NHS regulated pharmacy and registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is the independent regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmaceutical premises in Great Britain. The GPhC protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well being of members of the public by upholding standards and public trust in pharmacy. RXLive standard operating procedures in our pharmacy have been approved by the NHS. You can therefore be confident that your NHS local area team has fully vetted and approved the storage of medication and the way in which we receive your prescriptions, process them, and ensure the safe delivery of your dispensed items to you. The GPhC conduct regulated inspections at the RXLive pharmacy and ensure our standard operating procedures are being followed correctly. How do they regulate pharmacies?

Approving qualifications for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and accrediting education and training providers.

Maintaining a register of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy premises.

Setting standards for conduct, ethics, proficiency, education and training, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Establishing and promoting standards for the safe and effective practice of pharmacy at registered pharmacies.

Establishing fitness to practise requirements, monitoring pharmacy professionals' fitness to practise and dealing fairly and proportionately with complaints and concerns.

Our App/Online pharmacy Medicine and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency Certificate can be found here: https://medicine-seller-register.mhra.gov.uk/search-registry/611

We are regulated by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), who maintain the quality and standards of the British packed products that we supply. How do they maintain standards?

Ensuring that the supply chain for medicines, medical devices and blood components is safe and secure.

Ensuring that medicines, medical devices and blood components for transfusion meet applicable standards of safety, quality and efficacy.

Promoting international standardisation and harmonisation to assure the effectiveness and safety of biological medicines.

Helping to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the risks and benefits of medicines, medical devices and blood components, leading to safer and more effective use.

Supporting innovation and research and development that’s beneficial to public health.

Influencing UK, EU and international regulatory frameworks so that they’re risk-proportionate and effective at protecting public health.

RXLive can deliver same day to surrounding areas: Caterham, Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton, Tooting and Wallington. All other ‘one off prescriptions’ will be delivered on the next day provided the prescription was issued to us before 3.30pm. Alternatively you can ask your GP to print a prescription and that can be taken to your nearest pharmacy. This will not affect your EPS repeat nomination, just make sure the pharmacy you're visiting does not change this.

You can fill out a form regarding your user experience on the website or contact support@rxlive.co.uk

Yes you can. We are a regulated NHS pharmacy so you can simply contact us online or email us at support@rxlive.co.uk and our pharmacist will get back to you.

We are developing a feature on the app that delivers a free patient to pharmacist consultation service!

Please call us on 0800 280 0808

We have a live chat and an SMS facility on the RXLive app to help you with your orders.

RXLive takes complaints very seriously, as a regulated pharmacy we have a complaints procedure in place to make sure we deal with any issues as soon as possible. Please email us at support@rxlive.co.uk

RXLive’s company number is 09135155 and its GPhC pharmacy number is 9010611. The application is operated by pharmacists and doctors who are regulated by the GPhC and the GMC. RXLive is regulated by several boards such as the GPhC, CQC and MHRA. Therefore we are rigorously inspected to ensure that your data and your privacy is safe with us!

RXLive approved pharmacies are all GPhC registered and our pharmacist are all vetted to ensure they have the correct certification.

Our application/website data is stored securely in Surrey and we have SSL certificates that verify the safety of our data and of your data. See our privacy and data policy for more information.

The RXLive App is available for IOS and Android devices, or if you prefer to use the internet we also have a Web App!

As stated in our terms and conditions in order to verify you as a patient and also to avoid confusion if patients have similar names, we may need to access your summary care records. This is to ensure that we maintain the correct patient information.

We may need to access your summary care records to ensure that we are providing you with the correct Over the Counter treatment or the correct Prescribed Medical treatment.

When you accept our terms & conditions you are giving your consent to enable RXLive access to your summary care records should the need arise. Our pharmacist may call you to advise you should this access be necessary.

If you would prefer RXLive not to have access to your summary care records then simply call us on 0800 280 0808 and our friendly team will make a note of your request on your records.

In most cases there is no need, however if you have an automatic prescription set up with your old pharmacy or any other arrangement, we do advise that you notify them.

With regards to your Doctor, RXLive works with your GP’s existing systems and processes, therefore there is no need for your GP to make any changes. Our team will ensure that your prescriptions, at your request, are sent to us electronically.

If you are using patient access to order your prescriptions, the prescriptions will still come to us via the EPS, but you will be advised to mention this when you place your order by phone.

RXLive is a licensed NHS Pharmacy that has been fused into a free app/online service with no hidden costs. The app allows you to manage repeat prescriptions from an NHS England surgery for you or for someone else. Set up subscription packs for your NHS repeat prescriptions and buy subscription pack treatments to save. The dispensed prescriptions are delivered to your preferred address, within 24 hours, free of charge. If you are not entitled to free NHS prescriptions you will be required to make a payment for the prescription item.

My Account

Click on ‘forgotten password’ by the sign in button and follow the instructions. To update your password just go to profile settings and update your preferred password.

Verification takes place from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday & from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday.

Our General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registered pharmacist will verify you as a patient and complete your profile for you by entering your GP surgery details/NHS number.

During the verification process we will also change your nominated pharmacy to ‘RXLive Limited’ ensuring that all your prescriptions will be sent to us electronically when you request them.

Orders & Delivery

Warfarin details need to be taken each time you place an order for this item. The information we require to be able to process the prescription request is as follows: Date of last INR test & result, current Dose of Warfarin, target range, next warfarin test date and any side effects or new medication taken.

Just call us on 0800 280 0808 and one of our team will make a note of this. If you're on RXLive care plus one of our pharmacist will call you.

To ensure fast and efficient delivery we use our own delivery drivers within the south east London region and alongside the Royal Mail’s next day service for deliveries outside these areas.

Same day delivery drivers will courier the same day we receive the medication or the day you have confirmed a date with us.

Royal mail nationwide deliveries 98% of Royal Mail deliveries arrive the next working day. As this is a third party service, this is tracked & next day but may take longer of up to three working days. Please refer to our terms and conditions (24).

RXLive packages all temperature controlled products e.g. insulin, gels etc using Hydropac technology. This ensures that the temperature of the medication is maintained between 2-8 degrees Celsius for up to 24-48 hours. These orders are sent out next day for delivery via the Royal Mail.

Order before 3.30pm and receive your medication the next day. Currently RXLive provides same day delivery for the following surrounding areas of Caterham, Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton, Tooting and Wallington

RXLive can make deliveries on the same day to the surrounding areas of Caterham, Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton, Tooting and Wallington. All other treatments outside of these areas will be delivered the next day by Royal Mail provided the prescription was issued to us before 3.30pm. Please note when you have ordered a treatment, our clinical pharmacy team will have to check your patient records to see if this treatment is safe for you to use. We take patient safety seriously and want the best healthcare outcome for our patients. Our pharmacist may call you prior to the treatment being dispatched.

Yes you can. The RXLive platform allows you to take control and manage your children’s, your parents, and if you are a carer and you have consent then your patient’s prescription as well. Any queries please contact support@rxlive.co.uk

Safe custody controlled medication cannot be sent via Royal Mail. We can use a “special courier” to deliver these. However controlled medication is only sent via tracked delivery and must be signed-for by the patient.

These medications may take longer to deliver because we would need the hard copy to be sent to us by your GP’s surgery.

The NHS are trailing the dispensation of controlled drugs via the EPS system. Once this process has been tested and has proven to be safe and successful we will be able to ensure you receive your deliveries within 48 hours.

For all NHS prescriptions delivery will be free. If you have a private prescription you may have to pay a small charge for delivery or you can collect your order from your local RXLive approved pharmacy for free. For any treatment service that we provide via the app, you may have to pay a small charge.

RXLive can! We have an NHS license therefore we can deliver and manage your controlled drug (CD). Unlike other applications we maintain a robust audit trail where controlled drugs are involved. The delivery can be made to a person who is not the patient (the patient must have given authorisation for a representative to take receipt of CDs on their behalf). Our delivery driver/courier will check the identity of the person accepting the delivery to ensure that it is the patient or his authorised representative.

Yes, all RXLive packaging is discreet and we do not share your address details with anyone. Please refer to our privacy policy.

RXLive means prescription/treatment live! You can track your order by looking at the status on the side of the prescription that has been requested.

Either you are too early ordering your prescriptions from your doctor or you are due a check-up by your doctor. Do not worry, RXLive will notify you when you do not receive your prescription and also when you are due a check-up from your GP. Please note that requests made on the weekend or on bank holidays can take longer as GP surgeries tend to be closed during these times.

It can take up to 48 hours (2 working days) for us to request and receive your prescription. As soon as we get it we send your order out immediately for delivery.

With regards to private prescriptions, as soon as we receive the hard copy, we again send the order out for immediate delivery. (Please send hard copies to 3-4 Chalice Close, Lavender Vale, Wallington, SM6 9RU).

All bespoke treatments, once they have been approved by a qualified doctor, are also sent out for immediate delivery (either on the same day or on the next working day). (Service coming soon).

RXLive uses the EPS system which is currently only operating across GP surgeries in England, therefore we can only manage NHS repeat prescriptions in England. However if you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, you can use our services for ordering treatments and for video calling a pharmacist. In order to improve access to our repeat prescription service we are working towards integrating RXLive into GP surgeries in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

It is a management service, you can call us now on our freephone number 0800 280 0808 or 0208 395 8629 As a care plus patient we can take care of your prescription for you in three ways:

  1. We can automatically set it up using our NHS repeat dispensing service.
  2. You can call us at your convenience when you require your medicines.
  3. We can call you up on the date we provide in your box.
  4. With every delivery we provide you with a date to indicate when you are due your next round of medication or when we are due to call you. This date will be recorded on your box.

Order on the app by scanning your prescription boxes or searching for your medication.
By using or freephone number or 0208 395 8629 when you require your medication.
Via our RXLive care plus service.

We only use medication that is sourced, produced and packaged in the UK. We supply the brand recorded on the prescription. Should you need a specific brand contact us on 0208 395 8629 or inform your Doctor that you prefer a specific brand of medication. If you have been getting that same brand all the time, do not worry as RXLive will be able to see this on your patient record.


RXLive accepts all major credit card providers and in addition NHS pre payment certifications for NHS patients. If you're a NHS free patient this service is completely free with no additional cost to you or the NHS.

If you require a refund just simply email support@rxlive.co.uk or call us on 0800 280 0808 Following cancellation, we will refund you the price paid for the cancelled order (or part of the order cancelled), less any collection or return charges (if any). We will pay the refund within 7 days after that day:

You notified us to cancel your order, where you have not received the goods (and the goods have not been dispatched to you) or where we have provided a tracked returns label to return the goods; or

We receive the goods you returned to us, where you are in receipt of the goods; or

You provide us with a proof of return for the goods, where you have the goods but we have not yet received them.

We will refund you using the same means of payment as you used to pay for your order. Without limiting your cancellation rights in if you are not satisfied with a product for any reason e.g. if it is not what you ordered, it is damaged or defective, or we have delivered an incorrect quantity, please return the product to us.

Once we have confirmed the product defect or other problem, we will: Provide a full refund for any product that is not what you ordered;

Provide a full refund for any goods that are damaged or defective, if this is within a reasonable time following the sale; or

At your option, repair or replace the goods at our costs (including the cost of postage), unless this would not be possible or would be disproportionately costly in circumstances, in which case we will refund to you the amount for the goods in questions

We will notify you of your refund via e-mail within a reasonable period of time. We will usually process the refund process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 7 days of the day we confirmed to you via e-mail that you were entitled to a refund for defective goods or NHS prescriptions that have been incorrectly charged.

The current NHS prescription charge is £9.15 per item.

Input your payment details on your profile settings when you log into your app or online.

Pay over the phone by contacting us on 0800 280 0808

The service is completely free for patients entitled to free NHS prescriptions & there is no delivery charge.

For those that do have to pay for their prescriptions, there is a standard charge of £9.15 per item. There are no additional costs. (Delivery is free).

We can take payment over the phone. Call us on 0800 280 0808

Or if you use our mobile app or our web app we use a company called Braintree.

Prescription & Emergency medication

RXLive can provide an emergency supply for your medication depending on what type of medication it is. Call us on 0800 280 0808

We can send out an emergency prescription on the same day for the following areas; Caterham, Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton, Tooting and Wallington. For nationwide deliveries we can send out the emergency prescription next day via Royal Mail nationwide providing you call us before 3:30pm.

If you have seen the GP and need your medication on the same day, you can ask your GP to simply send a one-off nomination to a nearby pharmacy or ask the GP to print off a green prescription which you can take to a nearby pharmacy.

You can still go to a nearby pharmacy if you need a one-off emergency prescription given to you by your GP on the same day. This should not affect your RXLive EPS nomination for your repeat medication.

RXLive do offer same day delivery around Caterham, Croydon, Mitcham, Sutton, Tooting and Wallington. All other one-off prescriptions will be delivered the next day providing they were received by 3.30pm that day.


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