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Health 23.07.18 

£487m Technology Investment For The NHS

£487m Technology Investment For The NHS

Matt Hancock, the health and social care secretary has pledged £487m to transform technology in the NHS in an attempt to reduce staff workloads and improve patient care. He aims to do this with a £487m technology investment for the NHS, following his speech listing his 3 priorities to improve NHS workforce and prevention of illness.

What Will The £412m Be Used For?

About £412m will be used to transform technology in hospitals, to improve care and give more patients access to health services at home. The rest of the funds will be given to trusts to replace paper-based systems with electronic systems; which could reduce medication errors by up to 50%.

What Does Hancock Say?

Hancock said to NHS staff on Friday: “From today, let this be clear: tech transformation is coming. The opportunities of new technology, done right across the whole of health and social care, are vast. Let’s work together to seize them.” He believes the challenge of creating new technology is small compared to introducing and embracing it.

During Hunt’s time in charge, record numbers of people were left waiting at A&E and for surgery, and NHS staff, presiding over the first all-out junior doctors’ strike in history.

Recent figures regarding the NHS showed that the organisation still has more than 11,500 fax machines, costing £137,000-a-year in maintenance fees. This statistic summarises the frustration for struggling NHS stuff and irritated patients.

How Technology Helps The NHS Already

So, is the new technology boost going to be the NHS’s saviour? We’ve already seen numerous technology improvements to the NHS helping patients in hospitals. Plus, companies such as RXLive online pharmacy are now helping patients who may struggle to travel to their pharmacy by offering free prescription delivery. To find out more, visit www.rxlive.co.uk or call 0800 280 0808.


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