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how to stay healthy during lockdown
Health 30.04.20 

How To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

How To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen, many people are concerned about how they will be able to stay healthy during lockdown following the closure of gyms, health clubs and exercise classes. Our health experts suggest various ways for you to stay healthy during this time in this article!

Exercising During Lockdown

Many people lack motivation to exercise without a gym or exercise class to encourage them. It is important to remember that you are allowed out of the house once a day to exercise.  This could be running or walking – getting out of the house is the most important thing!

Not a Fan of Running?

Here are our suggestions for people who want to exercise but do not enjoy running or walking:

  • Skipping in your garden
  • Using tins or plastics bottles as small weights
  • Cycling
  • Yoga (you can find various tutorials on YouTube)

Need Some More Inspiration?

Here are some of our top 5 favourite exercise influencers that will help to keep you fit and healthy throughout lockdown:

  • Of course, Joe Wicks starts his ‘PE with Joe’ at 9am every day. He has even provided a 10-minute chair work out for elderly people!
  • Jane Fonda has some great workouts on her Instagram and you can also find lots of content from her 80’s workout video on YouTube
  • Missing the gym and looking to pay for some exercise classes? We recommend Les Mills interactive membership that has hundreds on workouts that you can stream through your TV!
  • Looking for something a bit more relaxing? LV Yoga Fareham is streaming free live yoga classes to their Facebook page
  • Sunderland star Luke O’Nien created numerous workouts for the Future You YouTube channel aimed to be fun for both kids and adults

We hope that these tips have provided you with some insights on how to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic.  In addition to exercise, you should try to eat foods that help you to feel good both inside and outside. Of course, it is equally as important to look after your mental health as well as physical health – we will be writing about how to look after your mental health during lockdown in our next blog.

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