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NHS Prescriptions Delivered Free with RXLive

Your NHS Prescriptions Delivered Free

Have you wondered if it is possible to get your NHS prescriptions delivered free?  With RXLive online pharmacy you can! Ordering your NHS repeat prescriptions is as simple as logging into your account, searching for your medication and checking out!  All prescriptions are then sent to you within 48 hours.  Plus, the service is completely free!   As RXlive is based in south London, the pharmacy also offer same-day delivery for all local customers.  To find out more about areas that the company deliver to in the Croydon area read this article.

A Personal Service

You may be aware of other online pharmacy companies that offer NHS prescriptions delivered free, however, their delivery times are often double that of RXLive.  Furthermore, other prescription delivery companies may not offer the same personal service the RXLive does.  As a valued RXLive patient, you can expect one-to-one calls from your pharmacist informing you when your prescription has been shipped or if there are any issues.  You also have the freedom to call your pharmacist free of charge, who is always happy to help patients who need advice.

An Innovative App

Unlike other online pharmacies, RXLive have an app that makes ordering your prescriptions easier on the go.  The app is free to download and allows you to simply scan your prescription box and order straight away.  Your NHS prescription will then be delivered free as if you are ordering on the website.  Moreover, you can purchase over-the-counter medications at an (often) cheaper price than other pharmacy companies in England.  As RXLive continues to innovate, the pharmacy is thrilled to be introducing a ‘video-call to pharmacist’ service on the app soon, which will allow patients to have a face-to-face chat with their pharmacist should they need any advice or a consultation.

How to Sign-up

If you are interested in signing up to RXLive online pharmacy and getting your NHS prescriptions delivered free, simply visit the website to find out more.  Alternatively, you can discuss the service with a pharmacist by calling 0208 395 8629.



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