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New NHS £10 Million Scheme to Help Retain GPs

New NHS £10 Million Scheme to Help Retain GPs

The NHS revealed yesterday that they will be launching a £10 million scheme to retain and support GPs.  Around £7 million will be made available for regional-based schemes to encourage GPs to stay in the workforce.  The regional-based schemes will focus on offering support through a retention fund and promoting new ways of working.

The remaining £3 million will be used to create 7 dedicated support sites across England that have the lowest retention rates.  NHS England have stated that they will release further details about these sites in June.

What Other GP Retention Initiatives Are There?

The GP Retention Scheme – This scheme was introduced in 2017 to support GPS who can’t work for more than 4 days per-week and need something more flexible than a part-time job with set days.  The scheme offers GPs financial support and their practice will receive funding to support their development and mentoring.

The GP Health Service – This is a confidential, free mental health service for GPS suffering with mental health or addiction issues.

Further Investment – The above initiatives are in addition to significant investment already made by the NHS to attract new GPs to practices with low retention rates.  This will be achieved by providing more training schemes and an international programme to recruit 2000 foreign GPs by 2020.

What the NHS Say

Dr Raj Patel, Deputy Director of Primary Care for NHS England said; “We are aware of the pressures currently facing GPs and, in particular, the need to support the valued doctors we have to continue working when they are faced with personal challenges which might make this difficult.”

Dr Patel continued to state, “The Local GP Retention Fund will help to address this as a part of several measures we have put in place to put in place to provide that much-needed support for GPs who are already working hard to provide great care for patients in their community”.

What Next?

The listed funds and schemes are all either in place or being rolled out this year.  Hopefully you will see a vast increase in GP retention rates following this significant investment!

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