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what are the new lockdown rules
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What Are the New Lockdown Rules?

What Are the New Lockdown Rules?

The UK government announced on Thursday that groups of up to six people can meet outdoors in England from Monday, allowing family and friends to reunite. As some things have been unclear, we answer your questions around what are the new lockdown rules?

Can I see my family and friends?

Yes. Whereas people in England were previously allowed to meet one person from another household outside while maintaining a two-metre distance, from Monday, groups of up to six will be allowed to meet. People will be permitted to congregate in gardens and other private outdoor spaces, instead of just in public spaces now too.


The new rules apply to the over-70s but those considered extremely clinically vulnerable to the virus are still being asked to shield by staying at home.

Can We Have a Barbeque?

You can have a barbeque providing you do it in a socially distanced way and provided that everybody washes their hands. Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, added that those having a barbecue should remember they can spread the virus by passing things from one person to another.

Can we go into other people’s homes?

The UK government has said the science makes it clear the chances of spreading coronavirus is much smaller outside so socialising inside is not allowed. However, from Monday, you can go through houses to access back gardens. Whitty also confirmed it was acceptable for people to use the toilet of those whose house you are in, as long as you washed your hands thoroughly and wipe down surfaces afterwards.

How far can we travel?

While people in England can travel as far as they want to take exercise and spend time outside, they cannot stay over at people’s houses. “We don’t want people to go to other households and stay there. I’m afraid we are not at that stage,” said Johnson.

Can I do non-essential shopping?

Outdoor retail such as markets and car showrooms in England will be allowed to open in England from Monday. Other non-essential shops will open on 15th June, as long as they abide by the guidelines.

Can children go to school?

The UK government confirmed it was pushing ahead with plans to open primary schools in England to some pupils from Monday, giving headteachers three days of half-term holiday to make final preparations. Nurseries and childcare providers in England are also being told they can reopen from 1st June. However, some local authorities have insisted schools in their area will not be opening.

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