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How to get rid of cold sores
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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

What Are Cold Sores? Cold sores are blisters around the mouth that can be painful, continue reading to find out how people get cold sores and how to get rid of cold sores. Cold sores are caused by a common virus called herpes simplex. Most people get exposed to the virus when they’re babies or children. There’s no cure for it. Once you’ve been exposed to it, it’s always in your system, even if it doesn’t often cause cold sores or other symptoms.

Herpes simplex is spread by close contact. If you kiss someone with a cold sore, or you touch his face and then touch your own face, you can catch the virus. You can also get herpes simplex by sharing lip balm, a fork, a mug or a razor with someone who has it. You’re most likely to get the virus from someone who has an active cold sore, but it’s also possible to contract it from someone who doesn’t have a sore or blister showing.

When you’re first exposed to the virus, you’re likely to get a cold sore. After a week or two, it’ll go away on its own. Then the virus goes dormant in your body. You may never have another cold sore outbreak again, but many people do.

What Makes Cold Sores More Likely?

Some things that make an outbreak more likely are:

  • A cold or other illness
  • A fever
  • Stress
  • Too much sun
  • Your period

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

There are a few things that you can do to ease the pain of cold sores and to get rid of cold sores.

  • Ice – Ice can reduce the swelling (don’t put ice directly on the skin)
  • Creams – You can buy creams from the pharmacy that can help to reduce the pain and keep the skin around the skin soft while it heals.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera gel can help cold sores to heal faster.
  • Avoid Sun – Avoid exposing the cold sore to sunlight
  • Don’t Touch – Touching a cold sore can cause it to spread which is not what you want!

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