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37 Free Prescriptions Now BANNED on the NHS in Government Attempt to Save £136million Per Year

Why have 37 Free Prescriptions Been Banned on the NHS?

You may have seen in the press recently that paracetamol is now banned from being dished out free by doctors.  However, are you aware that 37 different treatments for minor conditions are also banned from being prescribed.  This is to save the NHS an estimated £136 million per year, as the banned treatments are available over-the-counter for a small fee.  This saving will free up time for doctors and budget for more serious conditions.

What Do the NHS Say?

NHS England’s Chief Executive Simon Stevens, said: “To do the best for our patients and for taxpayers it’s vital the NHS uses its funding well. This consultation gives the public the opportunity to help family doctors decide how best to deploy precious NHS resources, freeing-up money from the drugs bill to reinvest in modern treatments for major conditions such as cancer, mental health and emergency care.”

To put the current expenditure into perspective, the NHS currently spend £4.5 million on free dandruff shampoo prescriptions, which is enough to fund a further 4,700 cataract operations or 1,200 hip replacements every year.

What Are the 37 Banned Treatments?

So, before you go to your GP requesting care for a minor illness, you may wish to refer to the list of treatments that are now banned below:

  1. Paracetamol
  2. Probiotics
  3. Vitamins & Minerals
  4. Acute Sore Throat
  5. Cold Sores
  6. Conjunctivitis
  7. Coughs & Colds
  8. Cradle Cap
  9. Haemorrhoids
  10. Infant Colic
  11. Mild Cystitis
  12. Mild Dermatitis
  13. Dry & Sore Eyes
  14. Earwax
  15. Excessive Sweating
  16. Headlice
  17. Indigestion
  18. Constipation
  19. Migraines
  20. Insect Bites
  21. Mild Acne
  22. Mild Dry Skin
  23. Sunburn
  24. Sun Protection
  25. Hayfever
  26. Minor Burns
  27. Minor Pain Conditions
  28. Migraines (if Infrequent)
  29. Mouth Ulcers
  30. Nappy Rash
  31. Oral Thrush
  32. Teething
  33. Prevention of Dental Caries
  34. Ringworm / Athletes Foot
  35. Threadworms
  36. Travel Sickness
  37. Veruccas and Warts

Where Can You Buy These Treatments?

Over the counter treatments for these minor condition treatments start at as little as 19p, as you can see here at Asda.  However, for more specific treatments, it is worth speaking to a pharmacist or the NHS helpline (111) for advice on what medicine is sufficient.  If you are too busy to contact or visit a pharmacist, you should visit an online pharmacy such as RXLive.  RXLive are an online pharmacy that deliver NHS repeat prescriptions or private treatments free within 48 hours.  The online pharmacy also has a live chat feature, that allows you to talk about your concerns with a pharmacist, completely free!  To access their free NHS repeat prescription and private prescriptions delivery service, simply visit www.rxlive.co.uk and press ‘sign up’!

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