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Croydon Pharmacy Delivers Prescriptions On The Same Day

Croydon Pharmacy Delivers Prescriptions On The Same Day

Award-winning Croydon Pharmacy RXLive are an established pharmacy who deliver your prescription on the day you order – you can even pop into the pharmacy (based in Wallington, Croydon).

The Croydon based pharmacy has already featured in articles in the local press, including the Croydon Advertiser, who have praised the pharmacy’s service.  Furthermore, there have been nothing but glowing reviews so far!

Who Founded RXLive Pharmacy?

Shahil Patel is a local resident who was born and raised around the Sutton area. Patel originally chose to study to become a pharmacist because he regularly helped his grandma to take her medication and help to maintain her diabetes levels. After graduating with a Masters of Pharmacy degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science, Shahil worked as a pharmacist and later moved on to work in troubleshooting management for pharmacies. After many discussions with customers, the entrepreneur soon came to realise that collecting prescriptions was a nuisance for many people, particularly if they had a monthly repeat medication. This sparked the idea to create an online pharmacy that allows people to order their prescription with the click of a button and get it delivered on the same-day.

How Did The RXLive Founder Start The Business?

Patel began drafting a business plan for RXLive in 2014, and secured investment by 2015. He then worked with app developers to create an app that acts as an online pharmacy. By 2016, Patel had been granted a license to become an NHS approved pharmacy. The Croydon Pharmacy, first opened in September 2017 in England and has processed thousands of prescriptions. Although the business delivers prescriptions to customers within 48 hours, Shahil felt passionate about aiding the local community in which he was raised. Therefore, the pharmacist decided to offer RXLive services with same-day prescription delivery in Croydon. RXLive already have enough patients within the local area to employ their own concierge, who delivers your medication to your door within hours of your request.

Patel stated he feels extremely passionately about ensuring that as many people within the local community reap the benefits of RXLive as possible. This is including any elderly residents who may not own smartphones. To ensure mature patients can use the app, Patel created a separate area of the business called ‘RXLive Careplus’ that allows elderly consumers to place their prescription orders over the phone.

What Else Does RXLive Do?

The Croydon Pharmacy also allows you to buy treatments for many illnesses online and on their app. This saves people from having to leave the house if they were suffering with any type of problem they may feel uncomfortable talking to someone about. RXLive is also offering a video-call to pharmacist service that will be coming to the platform soon.

This article was written by the pharmaceutical experts at RXLive online pharmacy, who post repeat prescriptions to you for free! You may wish to consider using services such as RXLive, which provide a free delivery service to ensure you never miss your medication again and have a dedicated pharmacist ready to chat at all times. You can sign-up to the service here – completely free!

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