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brushing teeth reduces risk of diabetes
Health 14.09.20 

Brushing your Teeth Frequently Linked to Lower Risk of Diabetes

Brushing Your Teeth and Diabetes

The NHS recently published an article that suggests that brushing your teeth 3 times a day could prevent diabetes. The article was prompted by a South Korean study that collected data from a health insurance system on the dental health and frequency of check-ups for over 180,000 people. It then linked this with records of raised blood sugar or prescriptions for diabetes drugs over a 10 year period.

What Were The Results of The Study?

The study concluded that having gum disease or a greater number of missing teeth is linked with an increased chance of developing diabetes. The study also found that regular teeth brushing (3 or more times a day) was linked with an 8% decreased risk of diabetes.

However, these findings do not prove that increased tooth brushing and tooth decay are themselves directly linked with diabetes. What is more likely is that other health and lifestyle factors associated with dental health are also associated with risk of diabetes. For example, people who consume more sugar may be more likely to have dental problems and diabetes. Similarly people more concerned for their dental health may be more likely to follow other positive health and lifestyle behaviours.

Following a healthy diet low in sugar and saturated fat, taking regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight are far more beneficial in reducing risk of type 2 diabetes.

However, good dental health is also important as it can help prevent gum disease.

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