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This App is Saving People Hundreds of Pounds!

Did you know that people spend an average of 2 hours per month travelling to collect and waiting for their prescriptions?  The average distance people in England travel to their pharmacy is 2.4 miles – about a 40-minute walk.  However, the further away from London you travel, the more significant the distance becomes.  For example, the average distance people travel a pharmacy in South-West England is 6.6 miles, which would take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk!  Unfortunately for the people of Cornwall, they have to travel a massive 7.8 miles on average to collect their medication!

These times do not include the amount of time that people wait in a queue in their pharmacy, which can often be up to half an hour.  This makes ordering and collecting prescriptions a time-consuming and often costly activity.  Therefore, the RXLive Pharmacy app is saving customers hundreds in travel costs each year!  The digital pharmacy app is a completely free service that allows users to order their prescriptions with the click of a button.  The patient’s prescription will then be delivered within 48 hours directly to the users chosen address.  This means that customers do not have to spend any money to travel and collect their medication.

The app also allows you to buy treatments for many illnesses.  Which saves people from having to leave the house if they were suffering with any type of problem they may feel uncomfortable talking to someone about.  RXLive is also offering a video-call to pharmacist service that will be coming to the platform soon.

People who manage their prescriptions digitally save an average of  £210 per year, if you want to start saving sign up to RXLive here today or give our in-house pharmacist a call on 0208 395 8629.

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